Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Commiting to Action ~ Beyond Words on the Page

It’s not enough for a Vision to be down on paper – though that’s a very good start.  For you to realize the Vision of your Transition, you must to commit to action.

What does this involve?

First, it involves defining the action items are under each vision element.  What does it mean to me to ‘Be at home in my first world life?’

The answers are already available to you through your journaling and brainstorming – it’s a matter of pulling them out of the pile of ideas and placing them where they belong. Yes, visioning is a creative process; but structure and order help make a Vision tangible and realizable.  

It was very easy to fill-in the chart. in fact, Coach Leslie threw-out a strawman and I pondered it and did some tweaking. With your trusted adviser, it can be a process of dialogue. I knew, in practice, there would be challenges in each area of engagement; so I added a column to track what would emerged as the process went forward, starting with one very real example:  running on Mexican time in DC?

Here’s what the final Vision matrix looked like:

Possibility Statement
Areas of Engagement


I want to be at peace (at home) in  my  “1st world life”

·        Open state of mind:
appreciation, abundance, celebration, freedom, joy, fun, ‘champagne’

·        Spiritual practice, health, fitness

Mexican time in DC?


I want to feel joined and witnessed

·   Reconnection:
sangha, friends, colleagues; socializing, cycling, yoga

·   “Peace Corps Goal 3” – bringing the lessons home,
finding my voice, using my Spanish/cross-cultural understanding and sharing it

·   Dating, intimacy, love


I want to bring my learning and experience forward in tangible ways

·   Book
·   Sustainable house renovation
·   Advocacy component of Peace Corps “Goal 3”


Now I had something concrete to commit to. You can and should post this Vision on your fridge or above your desk as a reminder.  

And there's nothing so powerful as speaking your vision aloud for others to hear.  Share it with a friend and ask her to check-in with you from time to time:  How’s your transition going?

You can track your progress on paper, using that forth column to take notes on the challenges and practices that help.  If you’re working with a coach, she can help you reflect on what’s working and what’s not as the process unfolds.  

The important thing is that the structure is in place for you to realize your Vision.  The journey can now begin.

Hold on to your sombrero....

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