Monday, August 12, 2013

Meridian Hill Morning - Peace in my First World Life

There’s a bird building a nest in the juniper bush behind me; a pair of boys races up the Italian stairs, taking long strides on the flats between the little steps; tall reeds along the fountain’s bank sway in the light morning breeze. A man and his dog pace by, surrounded by reflections.

And me, seated in this pebble alcove, the cool stone against my back and thighs, I’m breaking my mold, getting out of my 4-square with the ceilings crumbling over my head and into this sanctuary in the middle of the city.

Rush hour traffic pulses around me – but I feel safe and distant from it in this place, the meridian, a pathway along which vital energy flows. 

What’s calling?

A new roof over my head – four flat roofs and two mansards, to be exact.  Over two and a half years away, water has found its way through every crevice.  Plaster puckers on the walls like gaping mouths trying to say something.  Fix me, attend to me. 

The Vision for my New DC Life didn’t exactly spell-out a new roof – and certainly not in my first six months back. And evaluating the bids I realize I’ll have to dip deep into savings for this.  But do I have an option?  A solid roof over my head, maybe a cool roof, a solar roof?

My Vision did include ‘a sustainable house renovation’ – so here’s my chance.  

Maybe that’s what those crumbling walls are whispering:  Sustainability begins with you.

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